071.October 22

Post date: Oct 22, 2010 3:44:02 PM

Nottingham, UK

I had class at 09:00. I came home with Stacey. I had gotten pictures in the mail from Rhonda. I looked at them, ate, and played cards while listening to all of my Gordon Lightfoot CD's. Then I washed off the chairs in the dining hall while talking to whoever was in there.

The Faldets brought soup over for us because they didn't want us to infect their house with germs. Then I played UNO with Lisa, Jana, and Karl. I could have gone to an English Society Party, but we went out to get a movie, "Babbet's Feast." I was still feeling sick from the Fresher's Flu, so it was probably best for me. We watched the movie and drank cider. It was an excellent movie. It was in Danish, very close to Norwegian. Then we slept.


I thought you might appreciate this ariel scene. Despite my present state of disease (a flu has gone around to everyone at the University), I am adjusting to my classes well. I feel I am learning more in this system. Plus, everything moves much faster. Perhaps these are my first real advanced level classes as well. Every experience is so big and new. This is great.

Nottingham seems a little more dangerous now than it did when I first arrived. A man offered drugs to me on my way home one night. Otherwise, the news sometimes reports an assault or two. I think it is much safer than the US.

I bought a big warmer black lined hooded german military jacket that should keep me very warm the rest of the year. We went to Dover, where we could see France's shore. The castle was so huge and wonderful. Every experience is so big and new. This is great. Thanks.



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