230.May 16

Post date: May 17, 2010 1:32:29 PM

Syttende Mai Parade in Spring Grove, and we have a lot to get done this weekend. However, friends Eric and Jill send a message at 6:30 in the AM and tell us they are coming to town to stay with us this weekend because of a class reunion. We'd discussed this 3 months ago, and forgot about it. Rachel had some things to do that morning, so I got the house ready and after that, got the BMW K75 motorcycle and my costume ready to ride with a gas mask and pull Rachel's teeth out with jumper cables while she struggled to keep up on the parade route, screaming that I was a bad dentist. Megan also rode her scooter, and we had a good time. Then we met Bridget, a woman with ties to Norway from Rochester, and spent the day outside drinking on the street and talking to her. We showed her our house. Then Eric and Jill showed up and we drank with them on the porch. After they went to their class reunion, we cleaned the kitchen and dining room, and my sister Jill showed up and we talked for a few hours and a bottle of wine. I listened to Sidney Bechet most of the night and started reading a biography about him.