251.April 25

Post date: Apr 26, 2010 4:34:47 AM

London, UK

I'm at a pub I'm frequenting because of a Real Ale Fest, where I can taste Cask Ales from around the country in small quantities. They change daily, so I stop here everyday and get a few sampler plates. Yesterday I met Malcolm. Tomorrow I'll meet him and Kate at a Jazz Club. My feet are quite tired, I've been walking everywhere. I haven't even been in the underground yet. The weather has been good. I've gone to all my favourite galleries and museums, which are good hangouts if it drizzles. I had a cream tea

with scones at the Tate this morning. That's my favourite gallery anywhere. My hotel is cheap for London. No perks except traditional English breakfast, which I skipped this morning. I do have a TV and a bathroom, though. I should buy another fancy shirt for tomorrow, but I can't decide. I wish I could have come with Chris and family when they traveled here. This is my second home.


Decorah, Iowa

We had breakfast at T-bocks, and then came home. I cleaned for a while, then went to Jill's for dinner. Rachel joined later and studied while I watched "The History of US" on PBS.


Rocheporte, Missouri

Rachel and I took the Nissan down to Missouri to see her Grandma Joyce. She was totally shocked at the wonderful surprise. We stayed with Julie in Rocheporte and had a lovely night that lasted until 04:00 the next morning, singing and hanging out with musicians in their living room.