275.April 1

Post date: Apr 1, 2010 6:15:15 PM

Venice, Italy

We got off the night train, sat on the marble bench outside our train in Venice and ate our last prepared baguette from last night and finished off the remainder of our red wine. We checked our luggage. I went to the WC to put on contact and brush teeth. Then we headed off over the bridge and followed all signs that said Per San Marco. This took a long time, and we wandered through many arms-width streets and past hundreds of buildings standing empty that would have been the most stately buildings in Minnesota and Iowa. We bought food and took it to San Marco.

Lars keeps asking me "Now where are they from?" He's quizzing me on the accents of German speaking peoples. My choices are Austria (slow and sing-songy), Swiss (normal speed, but a little sing-song), or German (just right). Then we went to the dock and Lars rolled cigarettes for us. We took a few timed photos and portraits, and then we smoked them.

The cathedral, which I had seen a portrait of in the Ruskin Gallery in Sheffield, where I had thought it was beyond a doubt the most beautiful building ever. It was being worked on now, like all the cathedrals seem to be, so that we could not see its full splendor sitting at the end of that huge square. We looked at all the beautiful mosaics on the ceiling, covered with gold.

More walking throughout the city, going down streets that ended in water. Many mask shops, glass trinkets and lingerie. The fish market was amazing, but very smelly. We took a boat ride around part of the island, but then went looking for stamps and eventually the train.

Our next stop was Padova, the setting of Romeo and Juliet. I looked up Montegue and Capulet in the phone book, but they must have killed each other off. The buildings and squares could have all fit the movie. The market building was intact. The cathedrals were huge, and having services while we walked through them. We ate lasagna with seafood and pizza. I need to go back to Padova someday. It was incredible. We got on the train at 21:00, found a cabin after much struggle, and fell asleep.


We made a commercial for an arts program tonight at YOOH. Sarah filmed it, and Mark, Jacob and I played Elvis, Einstein, and Picasso. Rachel found us costumes and did make-up. The script was very bad, but it was a fun process. Afterwards, I started a fire outside and we drank bad beer...Hamm's was actually the best beer there, and hung out until past 23:00. The wind whistled and blew the ashes all around. I grilled brats when we got home from work, and I'm very excited to spend the weekend outdoors as much as possible.