316.February 19

Post date: Feb 19, 2010 5:10:13 AM

London, UK

Today was full of hassles. I forgot my towel, so my shower this morning, besides being warm and strong, took a long time for debriefing. We all took tubes to St. Paul's, but Holborn Station was closed down. John and I got off at Russell Square, and by my mistaken direction, walked to Euston Station, where we caught the Northern line to Bank. We did not go into St. Paul's Cathedral, because we were late. Nearly everyone was. We waited for those who had gone in to come out, and then walked down Strand to the Temple Bar. Our mishaps eventually brought us to Sir John Soane's Museum, which was his house, but he treated it as a museum to show his friends his collections of ruined Greek, Roman, and Egyptian Art. I must go back. There was far too much to see just once.

We all went Covent Garden, where I ate Lasagna and fried potatoes alone in a basement bar at the Punch and Judy. We met again at the London Transport Museum Entrance, after David first got us lost in suburbs on the way, then to the Tate, which is the foremost collection of English art. He gave us a tour of the Tate, Rooms 1-11, paying particular attention to Hogarth and pre-Raphaelites. Then I saw the entire Turner Collection, and met up with people to go to theatres. Becca and I left for a 16:30 matinee of Waiting for Godot at the Lyric Hammersmith, but the tube took too long, so we went to Leicester Square, and join the others, who all bought tickets to Olleana. Then we separated. Becca, EB and I went to a coffee and cake bar called A Piece of Cake. We sat outside, in the square on a table. We met EB's friend Julie. Then we went to a pub just across the street from Gabby's for a pint at 18:00. We met Liz and David Faldet at Gabby's, a Middle Eastern restaurant with great falafel and talked about how David became a Prof. while drinking Maccabees, a beer I first had during my trip to Israel last year.

We walked the short distance to Duke of York's Theatre, and "Olleana" started. It was a David Mamet play about a professor being accused of sexual harassment. The first half I found humorous, but annoying, because neither character was good at expressing and ideas. I had ginger wine(Stone's) in between. To the shock of the theatre goers, she pressed sexual harassment and the rape charges on her professor in the second half. This was a strange play to see with David Faldet, my professor. We found a Duncan Donuts and discussed the play. I found that I disagreed immensely with the others' ideas of the play's meaning and intentions. Stacey's wallet was stolen from her coat by the kids who sat behind us, so we went to the police station to file a complaint. We got back to the hostel after midnight.


After work, I met up with Jill and Rachel at Mabe's Pizza for a few slices and beer and wine. We talked for a while, and then Rachel and I left to look for a gift for Faust for his birthday party that night. We arrived there shortly after 18:30. I met and had wonderful conversations with many new people, including a Jennifer, a Blythe, and a Tim. There were so many old friends there as well, and it may very well be one of my favourite evenings when I stand before St. Peter and are naming my list of lists.