246.April 30

Nottingham, England

10:00 Practice, which Gjury and Kath did not show up to.

11:30 We met at Simon's house to run through the show.

12:30 I walked home and read.

17:15 We met again, at the Nottingham. Playhouse. We set up and went through it.

19:05 Our performance started, gathering a fairly large audience as it happened. One of the Brooke actors watched us, along with the rest of the drinkers in the foyer, including Rebecca and Kate.

19:30 Rebecca and I went to The Man Who with tickets that a nice man had given her for free, in the front row. It was great to see it from a different angle.


I had lunch at Rubayait today, a duck quesidia. It was fabulous accompanied by an Old Speckled Hen. Very foul, right?

Mark and Rob met me for Clash of the Titans in 3d at the Spring Grove Cinema, and then we went out for a drink Downtown with Rachel and Jill.


Leaving at 06:05 from the Alaskan Lodge in Lake City, I rode the K75 up Hwy 61 on this foggy morning, after the rain dried off most of the road surface, to St. Paul, where I had a cup of coffee at Jill's and took her Lexus to Edina for a Microsoft Server conference at the Microsoft Center on 76th Ave. S. I stopped in Red Wing for a cup of Caribou coffee and a warm-up on the way. It was a beautiful drive, and I want to check out the red El Camino outside of Hastings on my ride back home.


I had a rewarding day at work, and stayed on over lunch. I purchased three Ani DiFranco tickets for First Avenue in October for Rachel, Jacob and me. I stopped by the farm to see my dad and talk to him about prospects when mom comes home on Tuesday. We planned out the moving of furniture so that she can manage with a wheelchair around the house, or the possibility that she could come to our house instead. I made pizza and salad for Frida and Rachel came home after we'd finished most of our meals. Early to bed tonight, because we are visiting mom tomorrow at Mayo, and then going to Annie's funeral, one of mom's two remaining relatives. Annie died on Saturday.