017.December 15

Nottingham, UK

I am in the middle of writing a paper on sex and prostitution in eighteenth century England.

The Rocky Horror Show went excellently, and now I am starting to research for directing Lysistrata by Aristophanes.

I have not planned out my travels for this break yet, but I will a little tonight. I think I will stick around here a bit, and maybe go to a SISTER'S OF MERCY concert in Birmingham just before Christmas.


Chicago, IL

We woke to start cooking brunch for 7 friends in our hosts dining room. I made Chicken Curry baked in coconut milk for an hour at 450 Fahrenheit. We had a great meal, and I got lots of complements on it. Then we loaded the car and headed back to Minnesota via Rockford and Dubuque, IA which took us until 22:00 with all the fog. We stopped at Guttenberg, IA for dinner.


I purchased groceries at Fareway after work for an upcoming dinner party. The CO-OP was closed because of an impending storm and high winds that would unquestionably knock out power in Iowa. It was not knocked out in Spring Grove, so I was able to deep fry eggplant slices in olive oil for many hours while we hovered near the open basement door should we need to take shelter for the Tornado Warnings. The them had risen to 65 Farenheit earlier in the day, and nearly all the snow had melted away. I went looking for my watch, which I had lost after the final showing of "Fresh Brewed" on Saturday night, but didn't find it. When I arrived home, Rachel announced she'd found it underneath a stack of blankets.

After the frying was done, keeping it at just about 400 degrees, I put together the rest of the of the ingredients in two pans and baked for 30 minutes. Then I would do a warming and browning cycle when I would be called to serve them another day.