017.December 15

Nottingham, UK

I am in the middle of writing a paper on sex and prostitution in eighteenth century England.

The Rocky Horror Show went excellently, and now I am starting to research for directing Lysistrata by Aristophanes.

I have not planned out my travels for this break yet, but I will a little tonight. I think I will stick around here a bit, and maybe go to a SISTER'S OF MERCY concert in Birmingham just before Christmas.


Chicago, IL

We woke to start cooking brunch for 7 friends in our hosts dining room. I made Chicken Curry baked in coconut milk for an hour at 450 Fahrenheit. We had a great meal, and I got lots of complements on it. Then we loaded the car and headed back to Minnesota via Rockford and Dubuque, IA which took us until 22:00 with all the fog. We stopped at Guttenberg, IA for dinner.