290.March 17

University of Nottingham, New Theatre

We had most of the costumes there, but not most of the costume people. The first rehearsal was bad, so we had another. That was almost worse, because it was dead, but they got through it. I gave them notes in between and then again on the next day. I was glad to go home in a cab that night. I am so happy that the set was nearly done, and we didn't have to stay all night to do it.


Iowa City, IA

Green eyed today, stomach lifting like a sea filled with the black waters...Dub-lin.

More green than the curly blued red head, bass line bouncing under "I've been loving you a long time" favorite bands. Here for the length of a pint. All days should be measured such. Whatever happened to that old song. Pubs should be quiet refuges by day. Not hammers pounding hard rhythms against sleepy ears. Gotta go. If only a pint could be drunken quicker and re-digested, like a cows cud. I never want to move with care. Old bones. I don't want to worry of broken ones.


Bernalillo, New Mexico

We headed north to Taos for a day.


After work, I took my book "Will it Make a Theatre" and walked to Rubaiyat in the 66 degree weather. Starting with an Irish Car bomb, I kept mostly to Beamish and read over Irish Sausage bangers and mash. Rachel came after 19:00, and Chris and Rhonda also dropped by. I called Jill on the way home and we met at the municiple bar in Spring Grove and enjoyed a bit more of St. Patrick's precious gift: alcohol and a general lack of snakes.