336.January 30

Brugge, Belgium

We got on the bus at 08:00, and went to Brugge. I took pictures and ate a Belgian waffle for lunch. We took the bus to Calais, where we stopped at a Duty-Free to buy liquor. Then we boarded the ferry back to England. They searched our bags at customs there, and we had to remove our stuff from the bus, except for the seven bottles of cheap wine that I had stashed below on our way out of France. I was very happy to be home, but I had a great vacation.


Wabasha, MN

I spent the day in a church kitchen. I made bacon from 1600 until 1900, and then a cheese sauce from 1900 to 2100. After that, I had to clean up all the bacon grease. I actually filled an entire 4 quart sauce pan with bacon grease. We were making food for Rachel's mom's church. I did have a great time with the sauce, once I was given the recipe. Tomorrow we'll have to serve what we made to a hundred some people. We are staying at the Wabasha AmericInn. The place is quite lovely. Rachel and I just swam in the pool, hung out in the hot tub, and got a bit overheated in the dry sauna. They have basketball nets shaped like a gopher and a raccoon. This place really rocks.