a day floating

with the river mist

paddling toward an everlasting

promise of life

and death beckoning

to disappear us

under the surface

downstream is not

a path that

words could retrace

as the cursive courses

over rock ledges

log ridges and sand

shelves in meandering whims

every inlet incites

branching the stream

the rhythm of our paddles

lulling us to dream

while wearing

unshakeable smiles that can't

bear to be taken off

attracted toward an overhang

where none ever

thought to alight

we balance on that limb

all our everythings

as only nature can teach

the patience to hover without wings

neither gravity’s pull

nor quickness below

can sway our intent

swerving to claim a point

a shaded mirage hovers

climbable from the shallow

like an answer to a question

ascending to a seat

upon the highest branch

is tantamount to survival

grasping a limb

above and slipping from

the cloudy confluence

to a clarity of perspective

holding this position

is a privilege we

long to share

though the contest

remains to reach always

further and higher

perfection found

can hardly be shadowed

good wine is a poor measure

of our luncheon discourse

and the cool satisfaction

of unquenchable appetites

for adventure and conversation

trusting the carrots before us

may be haphazardly gathered

along picturesque paths

tempting as a mother’s nest

rest has repositioned horizons

as smooth legs of time descend in

clockwork fashion toward half past

yet not a touch beyond plumb

through a bridge's hips we flow

converging quicker

when approaching pillars

roil the gentle ripples into a torrent

the moment to turn back has ebbed

accepted forwardness of path

chosen to follow windings ahead

and grasp that reaching

a destination sooner serves neither

who both deserve the race

that swerves together into one

astounding possibility of a tie.