040.November 22

London to Cambridge, UK

I woke at Malcolm's place, on the floor. I watched the 1st half of the new version of Lord of the Rings" Fellowship of the Ring, and then got a train to Cambridge, just making it there and meeting Claire at 12:30. She was late, lucky I caught her, and then we ate at Ghandi Tandoori House, and went to the Fitzwilliam Museum.

I got my hotel, came to the Hop Bine pub, which also is involved in the ongoing Ale Consortium. I found another winner in "Old Hooky" or Hook Norton, in the Hop Bine on Fair Street in Cambridge. I'm out for a walk from my hotel on Walwark Terrace for 40 quid a night. The place is not quite worth it, by the look of the room. I was hoping for a real guest house, but I didn't want to waste my time comparing, so I stopped at the tourist office and that was the first selection because of location.

Now, off I go to Magdelene Bridge to meet Claire and Tim.

18:47, Friday.

The Bridge meeting was successful, though I passed it without noticing such a small bridge. We toured the courtyards of St. Johns, Trinity, and G. Cavius, including the Trinity College Chapel. We purchased tickets for the movie "Bowling for Columbine."

"...old Newtonian model of science." "Working philosophies..." These are phrases wafting around my surroundings. We are at Clown's Italian Coffee bar, where you can get breakfast all day. There is a tutorial group here, I believe, discussing the brilliance of themselves.

Turning back time in reference to Marx. My brother John would have been such an asset here. It is nearly sad. So they are talking in amazing words. They must be having a tutorial, but it could be that they are some strange society that get's together to talk about these things. What a discussion.

I've ordered a full English breakfast, vegetarian, I mean. We are at 54 King Street, Cambridge. They are all dressed casually. I hope they go to a college here. They are all leaving here quite happily together. I'm sad I can't go here as a student at this moment.

Perhaps music is not as great of a value here, to have the last and most popular real band be the Beatles, so many years gone and so regional. Perhaps no posh bands have a chance of succeeding in the vast trial of England's radio promenade.

After we experienced Michael Moore's movie, "Bowling for Columbine," we, especially Claire, were in quite a state of shock. It was tastefully, beautifully, and for the greater part respectfully done. I would suggest it to many others.


We had a choral rehearsal for the Festival of Trees in Spring Grove. There was a large bat flying around in the church. I picked up a few solos to sing afterwards, with Rachel on piano. "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" will be my favourite, but "I'll be Home for Christmas" has a strong appeal to me as well. I had lunch at La Rana and enjoyed "Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves". I started brining the 15lb Turkey I got as a Thanksgiving Gift from Deco. We watched THE EVENT and went to bed.