003.December 29

London, UK

POSTCARD: I arrived in London at 15:00, and checked into the City of London Hostel for five days (for 10 pounds a night), which gives a central location for everything. First, Rebecca and I walked down Fleet Street and saw St. Brides (the inspiration for tiered wedding cakes and the tallest of Wren's churches). A full to bursting moon, and the weather was cool or rather cold. It was a beautiful walk past the area that Dickens wrote about, much changed except for a few landmarks and pubs, all were closed for Boxing Day. We looked for theatres and discount ticket places, but they were closed. CATS was booked until Saturday, so we went to a show called BFG (Big, Friendly Giant). It's a children's play, but with "ripping" comedy and a lead male character that was completely outstanding. 10 pound tickets got us the best seats, because it is not one of the big shows.

We went to a pub called The Moon Under Water for coffee in Leicester square, where they have most of the movie theatres. We then took the Tube to the hostel, and are sitting in the hostel writing. It is midnight, the witching hour (when the bad Giants come out and eat people), so I think I'll go to sleep so I can wake up early for the British Museum all day tomorrow. I will go to Blood Brothers tomorrow night, and maybe at 17:00 meet some other Luther students at their hostel, Hampstead Heath.

PS. I'm at the Tate Gallery now, looking at William Blake sketches. It is beautiful.


LEND ME A TENOR! at YOOH will perform Jan 14-15 at 8pm, and Jan 16 at 3pm in our little theatre in Spring Grove, 155 Main street. http://yeoldeoperahouse.com will show you the cast and soon a few photos of the show, not to mention a little more about Ye Olde Opera House if you haven't ever been.

I'm the producer of this show, and I play Max. Most of my friends are in this cast, and it will be fun for us. I know that will show through.

If you are looking for an event to start the New Year off right, this is it. Please come. There will not be advance ticket sales, but feel free to email if you have any questions or want me to know you are coming so I can set out an extra love-seat. The show is a comedy about Italians, opera, theatre, romance, flings, and other assorted wonderful things. It takes place in a hotel suite that has six fully slamming doors, all from my new house. YAY! Oh, the drafts we endure for theatre. See you there.


I spent the day at home, sick but working, and we booked some travel plans for next year to Paris to visit and travel with our niece Katie if she happens to be there at the time, which she should be. I am so excited. I discovered grand new ways to plow snow recklessly at my house, and while trying to do the same at the other house, I broke the winch cable. So, tomorrow I will try to replace the winch cable in the cold. Rachel has stayed isolated from me all day to prevent her getting sick as well.