245.May 1

London, UK

After Tate Moderne, I went to Anchor Bankside pub for a pint, I planned to eat a fancy meal there, but the fancy dining room upstairs had not yet opened at it's appointed time. Instead, I headed back to Blackfriar Bridge and called Malcolm. We met an hour later at St. Paul's Cathedral, where I had been waiting, listening to High Rhulain, a Brian Jacques book about wild cats, otters, eagles, and other lovely or wretched animals.

We lunched at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, drank a few pints of Samuel Smiths bitter and extra stout, and walked on to look for tickets to shows for Thursday night out with Kate. Nothing appealed to us. We went to Covent Garden for coffee and some opera singer who was accompanied by her ipod. Then for a walk along Green Park and a final pint for me at the Bag of Nails pub.

We walked to Hyde Park Corner, where Malcolm caught the Tube home. I resumed my Redwall adventure and headed for the far end of Hyde park, and The Goat Public House, the first pub of note that I ever drank at when I came to Lonon in 1993 for my year of University, it is the oldest pub in Kensington. Then I went next door to the Indian restaurant Zaika. I drank a mango lassi, and a vegetarian thali, finishing with a glass of Cobra indian beer. The I made the long long walk back out of Kensington, passing the Millenium Glouster Hotel, and back to my hotel miles away through the streets of Kensington, Chelsea, and Westminster.


Sarah, Mark, and I met at Doc's at 7am for breakfast before jumping into the Dodge Ram truck and driving to Lake City for Laurel's birthday and the yearly 100 mile garage sale. We spent the morning in Lake City, and picked up lots of cool toys. I got a music coffin with a record player, 8track, AM and FM. I got a vice, a soldering iron, and a few gifts for people. After lunch at Bronks Bar, we did some more sailing, where I purchased some records. We dropped off Laurel's purchases and went to Wabasha and one roadside stop on the way home. That night, Rachel and I went to Jill's for a cookout with the rest of my family. We stayed late and Sake came to hang out with us from my parents farm. He hurt his paw.


I believe I've won the weight-loss contest at DECO today, losing 30 lbs in 6 months. I'm pretty happy, but would like to continue losing 20 more, or at least replacing it with muscle.