353.January 13

Haifa, IsraelI awoke at 7:00 and after breakfast we left for Haifa to tour the Maritime Museum. We drove up to a Druze village, where we ate at a Druze restaurant .

It was also a hangout for area artists who had produced all the paintings and sculptures inside. I was very impressed with some of the paintings. Professor Hanson bought us lunch. Lots of pita bread and Druze lefse. It was a wonderful meal, but terribly cold in the room. We could see our breath the whole time.

We went to Hanson's daughter's husband's parent's house. I fell in love with it immediately. He was a dentist, and his dentist office was downstairs in the house. His wife painted. They were very wealthy, I estimated. A swimming pool was above the living room, and made of cement. We ate as we toured the house. All marble floors steel curved stairway with concrete supports twisting in the center underneath. It was all so beautiful. It was sad to leave and go home.

At 18:00, Jamie, Becca, Mel, John and I walked down to the awful shops around town. Everything is crap here. Cheap American import toys eps. Tiberias is not a place to shop. Only for food. We skipped dinner. The Americans are bombing Iraq soon, and the atmosphere around us was very intangible. We had a discussion time at 20:00 and prepared for our papers.


Nottingham, UK

I met John Bateman at noon to talk over Lysistrata. I am planning to direct it and John, a classics major and an ex-fisherman will be the assistant director and dramaturge. Everything looks good. At the library entrance, I ran into many theatre friends. Then I went to British Countryside class from 14:00-17:00, and it was really fun. It was a beautiful night. I wish I didn't have so much work to do so soon. I've been cleaning my room, and now I'm ready to start work. I have to translate Piers Ploughman for tomorrow's Chaucer tutorial. (I did not finish translating for my 09:00 tutorial tomorrow.) (Possibly to best thing about my Chaucer classes was being in a tutorial with two Spanish students from near Valencia, Eva and Maria. I kept in touch with them for quite a while after all these travels were over.)


I finished revising a database program at work and hosted it for my users at the end of the day. I had lunch with Mike, Mika, and their baby squirrel at La Rana. Rachel was in Caledonia when I arrived home, and I played a new motion controlled zombie shooting game called OVERKILL. We watched NO STRINGS ATTACHED when she got home, and both loved it very much, and then went to bed to cuddle with our clothes on.