012.December 20

Conway, Wales

I got off the train taking me to Bangor, Wales a stop or two (16 miles) early so I could see Conwy Castle. I am so glad that I did. This town is magical. Encircled by its entire fourteenth century city wall, it still has all the old roads and many buildings that are very old. I got off the train about 19:00, and walked a mile to the town. I could see in the distance the white walls lit by spots in the night. It was an awesome sight. A dream come true. I walked all around the fishing village. After surveying all the places to stay, and passing up the Royal Hotel, where they offered a lower price (50 pounds) to me than was listed, I stopped at a B&B called Swan's Lodge.

Swan's Cottage

It was absolutely beautiful, and empty. The bathroom was monstrous, with a bathtub shaped like a clover. I had a huge bed, and a view of the bay and city wall just outside. I left my bags there and went to find a place to eat. My first stop was Blue Bell, a pub for a pint and to ask what was open. I ended up at Llewelyn's Restaurant, and ordered Llewellyn's grill, which was the biggest meal I'd ever had. I think they gave me all their leftover chips because they were getting ready to close the dining hall. Then I returned to Swan's Lodge B&B for a bath and a television mystery. Everywhere there were Christmas lights, and Welsh signs. People speak Welsh much of the time. I woke to a knock at 08:30 for breakfast, which was served to me alone in a small beautiful breakfast room. It was eggs on toast, tea and orange juice. I was very impressed with it all. Then I went to the castle. I spent forever there, alone. It was great. I had access to all the walls. Then I walked out into the countryside for a bit, until it began to snow. I went Christmas shopping for a few things in a store that was having a half price sale because the city was going to fix the sidewalk in front. Now, I'm waiting for the train to Bangor.


In looking through some old text messages, I found one that I had not taken any notice of, and realized that it had come in May from a friend I've tried to find for many years. I texted back today and get to have a phone call with her over lunch. It was a Christmas miracle.