340.January 26

Frankfurt Aeroport, Germany

We stopped over in Frankfurt for the evening before a morning flight to Chicago O'Hare. I got to try many large glasses of Germany beer, taking advantage of my last chances to drink alcohol in a foreign country before turning 21. The hotel was amazingly beautiful, and I remember it being my first king size bed. We arrived in O'Hare and the main thing I remember is having the sniffing dogs go after my luggage, but then they got board with it and walked away. It was a bit unsettling, because I had purchased the rugs, a charcoal of Dostoyevski and a hand carved chess board. This trip was wonderful. I forget what night it was that we as a group got together and were led by our instruction in the singing of "David Melach" and "He Nay Mah Tova." This was truly an amazing life changing trip.


Nottingham, UK

I did much running to bus stops and classes. I went to Critical Theory early for our first Feminist lecture, but first to the library to pick up scripts for auditions. At 13:30 we held Auditions for Lysistrata. I think the Auditions went well, but were way too long and weird stuff. Tasha asked them to do an improvisation that blew most of our time and didn't show me much talent. Not many showed up for it because it's finals week.


St. Paul, MN

Rachel and I went to the opera "Romeo and Juliet" at the Ordway, performed by Minnesota Opera Company. I saw a friend of mine, Jennifer Eckes was in it. The design was amazing, and thoroughly beautiful. It felt so much like being in Italy at times, the buildings. And then there were these locations that were like being on a checker board, but with many levels. It was such a wonderful experience. Rachel's mother had given us the tickets for Christmas.


We experienced a minor catastrophe at work that could have been major, but we were able to fix everything by 19:00. Only one day wasted. We met Jill for lunch at La Rana. I had some amazing potato dill soup that made my day, and then went back to the fight. We stayed overnight in Decorah with my brother's family, where Rachel worked on her final assignment for her final day of J-Term at Luther. I played games with Andrew and by myself while trying to walk briskly on the treadmill, but I kept falling off.


A surprise birthday party for Jen after rehearsal had a planned run of Act 3 after another poorly scheduled scene rehearsal, so I could take Jen to the bar for a drink while we had a break. Kay joined, and we three went back to run the Act, instead to walk in on a strange tableau of weird lighting and Dora the Explorer singing Happy Birthday, along with most of the cast of Harvey and other friends. The ruse had gone over surprisingly well, and we had a nice gathering before heading home. I checked out my bruise from falling down the stairs last night, it is now horribly brown and bloodied.