269.April 7

Korfu, Greece

We passed Korfu, our original destination point, and kept on going until 18:00. We had some guys from Canada, very loud, like repeating like and other offensive words, doing movie and football and vampire novel criticism the whole morning, until I asked them to be quiet. We went for cappuccino twice on the ship, which broke up the monotony a bit. I washed my hair in the sink to make me feel cleaner. I wrote out all the verses to "American Pie," and "I Watched Her" for Lars to read one of my newer poems. I carved a woman out of the cork from one of our bottles of wine. She was good, but looked like a Caveman.

When we arrived, we went with Heathcliff, Arielle and Celeste to the train station. We decided that the hostel was our best bet for the night, but Heathcliff had friends to meet in Athens, so we left him at the station to fight his way onto the overcrowded train.

Becca, Lars and I sat out on the dock eating Gyros and Amstel beer before dinner. That night, we had a great time with George, a well-traveled Patra-born man with a black motorcycle jacket. He seemed to be playing the part of tourist advisor, and he took us out to eat in his car. We had excellent chicken and wine, brewed next door to the restaurant and mixed by George in a one and a half-liter plastic coke bottle. Then out to a bar to talk and smoke and drink beer. We had a great time in Old Patra. Then, after a long and mildly drunk night, we went to bed in our otherwise empty hostel room. The best quote of the night by George was "Fire and Ice make Hot Water" describing the relationship a Greek man could have with a Scandinavian woman.


I left work early because Rachel was going home and had taken the day off. I made pizza for dinner and we watched the 3rd episode of "Mad Men." I helped herd cattle at my fathers house, as they had gotten into the neighbors fields. I had a gin and tonic with my sister and then used the vise at my parents house to saw off some metal attachments on the windshield bracket for the Yamaha xj650 Maxim. When I got home, I reassembled the maxim and attached it. Everything works great.


I read in church this morning, as well as ushering. I didn't take communion, as I don't feel I should when others believe the wine is blood, and the bread flesh, and I know that it is not. It caused a little confusion, because it is just so much a part of it all for everyone else.

We sold out "NOISES OFF" every performance, and the final matinee was no exception. We had plenty of people who did not get deserts, as they had not reserved, and we had over 140 people there today. We then had a total of 333 people for all shows, which was capacity if we weren't doing the meals. We had nearly perfect shows, and we all left it wanting to do it again, but physically pleased that we were done. Tyler, Beth, Rachel, and I went out to Sara's house for Mad Men at 20:00. We had a lovely evening, and sleep came very easily.