137.August 17

Bergen, Norway

It was the tiniest room, but very nice, clean, with a great shower and bathroom. I woke at 09:30, got ready, had breakfast after checking out, parked my car. Breakfast (frokost) was at the hotel, all hotels here, it seems, include frokost in their price. It is often quite elaborate, always a smorgasbord.

I took pictures of the docks after re-parking my car near the church on top of my street after getting frustrated about trying to find a way down from one way-ville up at the top of Bergen’s closest of 7 hills and 7 fjords. I made my way to Rosenkrantz tower, at the castle, which I paid 20 kroner to visit. Great view of everything, lovely tower. Very medieval. Then oon the way back over the bridge to the car, after checking the ferry fjordline schedules to Denmark, I stopped at the Fiskmarket, quite a long history here, and got a fish-n-chips plate, incredible.

After buying a map of southern Norway for my drive, I started at 12:30 to leave Bergen. This five plus hour drive took me about that, and I took 16 all the way to Fagerness. I stopped just a few laces for breathers, once at a waterfall, then after a 25 km tunnel and many other lesser lengths of tunnels, I ended up on that side of the mountains and stopped at Oye Stavekyrke, from 1150 or so, rebuilt out of 152 pieces that were under the new church they built in the 1920’s. I also stopped near Slidre at another Stavekyrke. Eingang, I believe, just for a picture. I arrived at 17:40, the second meeting time with my friend.

Fagerness, Norway

I didn’t see the meeting place until checking out the hotels private island. Very lovely.

We went to her beautiful room, head floor tiles in the bathroom, a separate kids (or servants) bed, etc. with a different color door even.

We looked for a good dinner. None to be had, apart from the hotel, so we went to the Chinese/Norsk café up the street. Nt too good, but an experience to say the most. I had a Rignes Lager with my food, curried shrimp.

Then we went for a long walk to the Valdres Folksmuseum, where they had farms reconstructed on a hill, very beautiful. I took pictures.

We had worn our feet out entirely by then, and when we got back we relaxed completely, and had my birthday desert, and she sang the silly happy birthday song to me in Norsk. We drank water. I took a shower, and went to bed.


Fort McCoy, WI

Trip to Steve Miller concert at Fort McCoy. Jacob, Mark, and I rode in Mark's truck with the 63 Airstream in tow. We drank until the concert was about to start, and were informed that because of a huge storm that was approaching, Steve Miller was Flying like an Eagle away from the concert. Katjusa arrived just before the announcement and I spent the night meeting a new girl named Rachel Grippen. We went to downtown Sparta to go dancing and check out the restaurants and bars as the rain plagued us.


Starbuck, MN

We went to Indherred church this morning for Rachel to sing with Marta, and then to Immanuel church south of Starbuck for Rachel to sing some more songs. Then we dropped Lee off for another church service at Fron, and drove around town for pictures in the rain, and ended at Captain's restaurant early for the best Bloody Mary's in the northland served by Marta. The rest of the family met us at noon, and after we ate brunch, we went back to their house to pack and head out on the road. We stopped at Mickey's Diner in St. Paul for dinner, and finally reached home at 21:30.