024.December 8

Rachel went to choir, and I went to my parents house to make an internet cable to hook up to their Blu-Ray player. My father was watching the recent version of "A Miracle on 34th street, and I watched most of it until 21:30, when I came back to the house and we cleaned. I rebuilt our shoe rack and Rachel cleaned the bedroom. At midnight, the power shut off in the city, and we found a light to get to bed by. We used many blankets, and woke up warm enough, but it helped that the power was restored around 02:00.


Rachel was teaching a seminar at Luther, and also was in charge of providing treats for the participants. She made lemon curd in filo dough shells with fresh fruit on top. She brought the extra's home to me and I had two of the delightful things. I glued the counter-top to put into the pantry and got the cabinets in place.