350.January 16

Caeserea, Israel

Breakfast at 8:00 before we left for Ceasarea. We went to the outdoor Roman amphitheatre, then the crusader fort and the beach near that to find pieces of the past. I found a beautiful piecee of mosaic, a shard of an oil lamp, a glass vial top, and other very worthy pieces. Then we went to the aquaducts and the big beach. At 16:30, we returned to Tiberias. I did not got to dinner at 17:00, I read instead. We had a meeting with a lecture at 20:00. Afterwards, some of us had a strange hallway chat on religion. Then I tucked it in.


Sunday, we will go to Steyer Opera House for Christina's Madrigal dinner. Saturday night we are in Winona for Jake's show at the Hi Low bar. We'll stay over night that night in Winona. Friday, we'll be at my house.


We watched the last part of a mini-series called Tin Man this morning. It was exceptional, and I loved it. We made egg-nog waffles, using up most of our holiday egg-nog, and were very impressed by the results. We are meeting our friends from Iowa City, Mara and Rockne, at T-Bocks for dinner tonight, and then hopefully ending the evening at Sara's with a stiff round of poker. We hope to see Sherlock Holmes today as well.


We started watching an AppleTV+ show called "Invasion" and we are hooked. Most of the day was spent doing that, and organizing clothes. We both prepared a few bags of clothing to give away.