287.March 20

University of Nottingham

The performance tonight was astounding. I felt so wonderful after watching them perform. We did vocal warm-ups that we had not done the previous nights, led by Sarah Nichols, I believe they helped. The timing was so on, which is important in a play that is only supposed to be one hour and ten minutes. Five seats left of the eighty-five. I had smoked a cigar for luck as I walked to the theatre tonight.


Jemez Springs, New Mexico


This morning, I helped set up a new 50" television for my parents that was a gift for his 50th year at Deco. Rachel and I also gave them a blu-ray and vhs player. We went shopping for garbage at Beste-mores antique shop/doll warehouse/laundromat and found some "treasures." Then we cleaned out the winter's garbage pile we had in the garage and piled it into the '57 Chevy pickup. We made a big fire burning it at my parents farm. Elyse was there and helped out by throwing leaves and paper into the fire. She made a big torch and kept the fire burning. We went to the movie "Valentine" at Spring Grove Cinema, and then returned to my sister's house with pizza to cook for dinner. Jill, John and I stayed up until 2 am talking about being stewards of Spring Grove's cultural heritage and what-not.


I enjoyed an impromptu lunch with Faust at La Rana. We discussed all of the current topics, including how we both strangely ended up at La Rana when we both were headed other places for lunch. I went because I wanted to use the bathroom because of the soap.