086.October 7

Nottingham, UK

Beautiful. No rain. I had a noon class at the U. of Nottingham. A Chaucer lecture, which I went to with An, after she called me and told me we had it. It was another good experience in note-taking. Jana picked us up after class and we went home for lunch. I had Rhetoric at 16:00. It looks to be a very difficult class, but it excites me.

We had our house course tonight, which started at 19:30 after a dinner of beef Stroganoff or white or red sauce on noodles. Our class was about the Anglo-Saxons and Normans. Sylvia, my host sister, called me during dinner and asked me to go to the Goose Fair tonight. They picked me up just before class was over and we went on many rides. This was my first time on a Ferris wheel, but this one had spinning cars. I went on a ghost train, and some weird gravity things that spun too.