077.October 16

Post date: Oct 16, 2010 9:21:24 PM

Canterbury, UK

In Canterbury, we got to walk around all day on our own. I went with Liz, Becca, and Eve. We went to the Cathedral, and then to Canterbury Tales, a re-creation and telling of Chaucer's tales (in modern English) by wax sculptures. This time we walked around instead of sitting in a cart like Jarvik Viking Center in York or the Whiskey Museum in Edinburgh. I bought an edition of Canterbury Tales for class, and a bottle of Geoffrey Chaucer mead to have while reading Middle English some night.

We got to the hostel and ate. An and I studied Chaucer for a while, and then Becca and I went for a long walk in which we danced and sang in the walking subways of Canterbury. Earlier that evening, I met one of our room-mates at the hostel who was from Germany. He plays guitar too, and worked at a guitar store in Germany, so we talked about different instruments of repute. That night, a rugby team stayed at the hostel, and made a whole hell of a lot of noise. I remember the blue floor mats in the shower most vividly, with the slight draft at the hazy window, the electric water heater, and the cord light.



Rochester Mcpl, MN , US (RST)


New York LaGuardia, NY , US (LGA)


Wed, Oct 16, 2013

10:05 am - 03:25 pm (1 Stop)

Frida, Rachel, and I caught a ride with Jill to Rochester this morning, and soon were off on a tiny plane with 3 seats across for Chicago O'Hare, where we got some free coffee at Starbucks and then were instantly on a plane to LaGuardia in New York. From there we took the Airport Express Bus, which is a far cry from an Airport Express Train, to Grand Central Station. We found him at his office building, which is pretty much in Grand Central Station. We went to the Oyster Bar downstairs for a Martini and a beer, a half dozen bluepoint oysters, manhattan clam chowder, and buffalo calamari. We met Sam again at 6pm after picking up some bread for dinner. Then we headed off on the long maze which was our route to Hawthorn. Sam and Romee have the most wonderful house, mission style, built in 1920. We had the most fabulous meal, compliments of Romee, 3 courses, and included a 2 green stew, sauteed muscles, and carmelized burbon walnut brown sugar pudding cake. We have many plans for tomorrow.