157.July 28

Tonight, after work, we got a message from the city that our weeds are too high, and we are going to be fined. So I started working as hard as I could pulling everything that has overgrown, using the weed whacker, and otherwise ripping to shreds our garden and everything I could that was green. Rachel mowed while I did this, and together we got quite a bit torn out.

I needed to continue with working on our car brakes, so I went over to my parents house to work on them with my father. We eventually figured out how to retract the cylinder and put in the new brake pads. I drove home on one new brake pad, and all was working well, except for the ABS light. After we got in bed, I started to experience stomach pains, which after four hours, remained unbearable. I finally admitted that I needed to go to the emergency room after 5 or 6 vomits, and we headed off to Winneshiek Medical center in Decorah.


Rachel played organ in church after an hiatus during the final weeks of rehearsal and performance of Seussical. We spent the morning lounging around watching Gerard Butler in a soccer movie. She made a beautiful breakfast egg dish with zucchini and hummus that was absolutely wonderful. Our house was shingled over the last few days, and now it is done, finally quiet with no pounding on the roofs.


San Antonio, Texas

Good day to you all. Then to our new Hill Country JW Marriott for the rest of the week, swimming in the pool for Rachel and David will be attending computer conferences all day.

We had a long morning in our hotel, but by noon we will head off to the Alamo! We used some nearby parking, 5 hours for $15 and walked over to the Alamo. It was free to enter, and the grounds were very well taken care of and lovely to be inside. Rachel took many photos. We then headed over to the river walk. We stopped at the first bar we saw, before the riverwalk, a german brewpub called the BierGarten. Heidi, our server, was dressed very German, and was very friendly and fun, though she did drop our first paddle of beer on the way out. Our paddle of 6 texas beer tasted fantastic. We got the best one to carry along on the riverwalk, and rachel got a sangria, and we started around the riverwalk, mostly taking photos, until we started repeating ourselves and stopped at The Original Mexican Restaurant and ate along the river, accompanied by ducks and a mariachi band. We walked back to the car and made it through traffic to the JW Marriot just in time for the opening session. Rachel headed down to the pools for pictures and a swim. I joined her from 21:20 to 22:00. Then we went off to bed, very tired.


Colorado 2017