135.August 19

Haugesfjell , Norway

After the hotel buffet breakfast, which had tons of options and was wonderful, but I chose too many of the wrong options. I had enough of the right ones to make it great, though. The coffee was not first rate, though, as it was from a machine. We packed, and I took her down to my car, stuck my luggage away for the day in the trunk, and walked her to her train, the Airport Shuttle. Very convenient. It was nice. I went back to the car at 10:25 when the train left, grabbed, wait no, I’d already gotten my rain poncho, so I put my poncho in my backpack earlier, which was very important, it turned out.

I walked up to the castle, Akerslott, and as I started touring the walls and came to the ticket gate for the inside of the castle, a rain started pouring. I bought a 40 NOK ticket and stepped in out of the fresh new rain. By the time I’d taken the English tour and had seen everything, the rain was still coming down in sheets. I put on my poncho and headed out bravely along two opposite walls. I assed a cannon at noon doing a firing test. 50 shots at least. WOW! Very quick and loud. The smoke smelled like the peat fires in Wales. It was very fun. I walked to the National Theatre, stepped in and checked for Matinee’s, stepped out, and headed back. I heard some band playing, a marching band, that I’d seen waiting out in the rain at the art deco public courts buildings on the docks. I walked nearby and spotted a sign from heaven I could not resist. The Tempest Café. I had a faffe and a bowl of lakkesoup (salmon soup). It was wonderful, and hit the spot. I meandered back to the car which I’d parked in underground parking at the hotel the day before, and was charged 134 NOK for it on the way out on my VISA card.

I got on HWY 18 going west, then eventually onto highway 134. I stopped for a snack at Heddal Stavekyrke Café, and the Stavekyrke, the largest in Norway, was loveliest from the outside. No pictures were allowed inside, and not quite as impressive because it is very medieval and unimproved. I had caffe and an excellent fluffy cake with sugary frosting at the snack bar before I went in. Wonderful. The church cost about 50 NOK to view the inside.

I stopped also at Kongsberg, to got to the mining museum there. I had really no idea what was in store for me there. They had a café gift shop, and I bought a great pen with a light as a memento of the trip, because I needed something to write with when I was there. The museum took hours to get through, and it was amazing. So many different things to look through. I really loved it.

Je har vaere ikke able to skrive pa disse, for jeg har ikkepennene. Sa, jeg skjopte for en penn I Kongsberg I dag pa solvverk museet. De har museet ogsa for military weapons.

I should have gone to bed long ago, when I got here at the motel, paid 775 kroner to be here, including breakfast. I ate my sausage with some sparkling water I got on the way when I stopped for gasoline, and took a walk down to the island connected by a man made land bridge. Then back to the room to unpack.

I read the Golden Compass, drank .33 liters of Rignes, and headed back to the room to write. I has been over an hour since I started. I’m leaving the curtains open so I can wake with the sun tommorow. Goodnight.


St. Paul, MN

We stayed the previous night at Jill's with Tyler, Beth, Jacob and Laurel after a night out in Mpls and the Hugh Laurie concert. I woke quite early, made coffee, shared it with Rachel, and then brought it down for Tyler when Jill woke up. We got ready and went to breakfast at Moe's, while Jill and I picked up a 5x8 U-haul to move her stuff to storage. Breakfast was amazing, and then we loaded the vehicle for 4 hours or so. Tyler, Beth and I returned to Spring Grove, and John helped me unload while Rachel dropped off Laurel in Red Wing. When she arrived, Rachel and I went to her childhood home to move a load to Lee's storage unit. We brought a load of stuff home as well to our garage.


Surprise birthday for Scott in his backyard tonight. We met at Sarah's house, and then snuck through neighbors yards with two logs between each of us. Jen came out to check on us at 19:00, and then went back in to scream "There's a fire in the backyard" but didn't seem to scare him, or any of the children already celebrating in his house.


Rachel and I drove to Caledonia after work, stopping first to pick up the old title for the VW Golf at home, and some swimming clothes. I went to the Houston County Courthouse, and then to Subway to kill some time while Rachel recorded Gunner's song for the MN State Fair. Then I joined them at Jay and Allison's house. I picked up my bike at Lee's house, and then came back and joined the kids and wives swimming. We had a crazy fun time in the pool, having to launch Stirling and Maverick through the air into the water to splash each other. My favorite was when everyone swam or moved in a circle to get the water churning into a whirlpool.

We had BLT's, corn on the cob, and watermelon with lots of additional items. It was a lot of fun. I always have such a great time at their house. The kids have endless energy, and they are so funny. I find myself laughing now just thinking of last evening.