297.March 10

Bakewell, UK

Peak District National Park trip left at 09:00. We let from the Byron building, and there turned out to be few of us going from the class, mostly the Luther Students and the Hungarians. We went to Bakewell for pudding, we also went to a town that had been devastated by bubonic plague, we also also saw a huge dam and a reservoir. It was a beautiful day and we had a good time. (Check back here for the B\W pictures I took.)


Rachel, Jill and I worked out tonight for an hour while I read my book. They watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. When we got home, we watched a british movie about why it's so important that parents raise kids right, and nearly finished "The Cable Guy," which I've never seen, but it's amazing, and seems to be about the same thing.


When I arrived home, I started working on the 100 year old table project, and glued it all back together so that I can assemble it tomorrow. I also took out the 46"x 44" window glass, cleaned the frame, and put another in it's place in our living room. I'm excited to be done with these two time consuming projects.