201.June 14

London, UK

I finished packing and talking to John Floyd. We took a cab together down to the station. I took the train to London. I got out of St. Pancras station and realized I had no money. I could not get a tube ticket. I walked towards the Thames and the general direction of Liverpool Street Station. On the way, I took out fifty pounds and stopped for some food and Lucozade. I walked passed the St. John's gate museum and went in. It was interesting, with good armor. Then I walked more, got a pint of Old Brewery Bitter. Before taking the St. Paul metro to Liverpool Street Station, I went to the Museum of London for free until it closed.

I don't know if I could feel physically worse now. I just had 40 pounds stolen undeniably. I was a dope. A man told me he needed 13.60 pounds, because he had lost his tickets for my boat, and that his wife and kids could not get there. He ran somewhere, then back. Asking after I had said yes. He had offered collateral of all sorts, but never produced any. I ate it up. I gave him 20 pounds, and he said it was 30.60 that he needed. I gave him another 20 pounds. He ran to the ticket desk. I followed. He waited for me in the line. I set my stuff down, and stood by him. He said to pick my stuff up and stand in line for him while he got the rest of the money. I did. Then, I recognized that I was a fool. Because I could do nothing, I just waited. I didn't want to leave if he did come back. I would be embarrassed if he saw that I did not trust him, but knowing that he had lied to me. Shit. So right now I have that pain in my stomach as I ride the train to Dover. I want to cry. I don't like being alone. He was going to let me sit with him and his family and share their brandy.


I rode Maxim to my parents house this morning to car-pool. We are still draining all of the water from our pool into the cistern, it holds lots, we are almost halfway done draining it through a filter made with a pool filter and duct tape. I met Rachel at the Barn after picking up a personal pizza at Cenex to split while we cleaned the barn and prepared for rehearsal. We blocked Act 1, and I should have skipped over the sections we've already blocked, but we got through nearly all of it by the time the rehearsal was over. Then Rachel ran all the songs for tomorrow night, and we stuck around until midnight making standard 4X8 platforms wit 2X6's.


Southwark, London, UK

Jen, Heather and Chelsea took an uber from Mc & Sons to Heathrow Airport early in the morning. 

Wednesday, June 14, 20236:00 – 7:05am

Flight to Minneapolis (DL 11)

Wednesday, June 14, 20239:20am – 1:10pm

Rachel and I boarded a train for Canterbury around noon. We had swapped suitcases with Jen so that we could buy and carry more, plus having rollers going all directions would be nice in combination with our other piece of spinning wheel luggage.

Canterbury, UK

June 14 – 16, 2023

1 Albion Place, First Floor Flat, Canterbury, Kent CT1 1LH, United Kingdom

 hosted by Peter 1 

Check-in: Jun 14, 2023 12:00pm 

We immediately took to Canterbury, and went shopping at a local Safeway for dinner items.