132.August 22

Kew Greenhouse, London

At a café between Kew Gardens and the Kew tube station, I have had a wonderful cream tea and scrambled eggs on toast while listening to and observing a family, it seems, that is discussing their world travels. It seems one older child just returned from Africa, or it seems Keyja, and did all kinds of amazing joureys there. The other boy, red head, and about 15 years old, maybe 23, and is planning another trip this coming weekend to Wales. I can’t figure it out if it is all fabricated, because it seems too impressive to be true. It’s like sitting in a café with Harry Potter unobserved.

Now they are talking about the Pyrenees. “Or how about cycling across the Sahara desert, says one of the kids.” The rugged father says that “there ain’t nothin’ on that route.” Now he is describing the road in detail.

Now they are talking about a trip from Northern France to Southern Spain. “Summut like thah,” says the older boy. They had described all these different places and I got an idea for a play. It’s called, “The Dream Travelers,” it’s about the family that sits at the table discusses where they will travel. They would have to, of course, do immense research on the places they have been this week, and where they plan to go next. They could be time travelers as well, but have to take every trip completely seriously. They have to believe all these things are possible to achieve, and the small hindrances that might stand in the way should show the completely human, they are adventurers of the greatest magnitude, but they still love their mummy and dad.

My tea has settled my dangerous hunger. The curved back chair is so soothing and comforting to me, I am in heaven here. This place is in the very back of Key Greenhouse Cafe. I am quite content to stay all day but it is time to begin my walk, either through Kew Gardens or around it. Along the Thames, a 6.5 mile trek. I think perhaps going inside would be more worthy of the little time I possess here in this country. But a riverside pub would be lovely for a late lunch, now that breakfast has been dealt with completely.

I planned to see a play tonight if I could arrange nothing with Kate. But we planned breakfast instead and when I called her, I happened to be outside the Odeon Theatre at Leicester Square, where the preview of "Stage Beauty" was about to take place. I had nothing really planned, so I decided to wait for it. I stood nearly an hour, and saw Ian McKellan, who was there to see it. Claire Danes and Billy Crudup are both in the show, and both quite beautiful, I'm sure. Billy is one of my favorite modern actors. Rupert Everett and two hot women from the show are in wonderful clothes and I'm very happy to be here.

Since seeing these people close up, I decided to have the Indian food that I mentioned already. On the way, I stopped at a wonderful pub for a pint of Youngs and live dixieland music. The band were incredible, but when my pint was done, I was again hungry.

I am in love with Young's Special Bitter. If it could only erase the soapy taste in my mouth from the chewy seeds after I left the Indian Restaurant. The Vegetable Thali, which I ordered first, never came. The Lamb Vindaloo, their hottest dish, did, I added that to my order, but they were watching my weight, and just brought that.

Now my lips are burning and I'm supposed to be back at Malcolm's flat in an hour. But I had to get the soapy taste out of my mouth. All the glass is etched in this pub. I'll never remember all the names. It's 21:20. I'm done with my first book of His Dark Materials. I don't know what I'll do on the train back tonight. I'd better get to it.

After I had my drinks of Ram's Special Bitter from Youngs, I caught the tube to Malcolm's flat and we chatted shortly before I went to sleep.


IP Phone System install at work today, took the day and into the evening with the support staff provided. I do more training tomorrow, but I feel like we did a great job today and yesterday in getting it ready and going. I went to dinner at T-Bocks with Chris, Rhonda, and Katie and had a great time, and absolutely wonderful conversation. Then, when I stopped to fill the gas tank on the VW Bug on the way home, Christina and her Andy stopped by and we talked longer than people who are filling gas tanks usually do. I did insult her Magna bike, just because the name is such a hybridization of a mountain bike motif or something. I hope she will get over it and not hate me forever.