089.October 4

Nottingham, UK

I woke at 10:00, and did nothing until 13:30, when An and I walked to the University and registered for English classes in the Trent Building. I stopped to get 50 pounds at the bank there, and we took a bus home. The first cook crew was making baked macaroni and cheese from heaven. I have to ask Jana for the recipe. It was the best thing in the world.

A British High School teacher talked to our group about the Education system. I am at the Wheatsheaf to get away from the house and to study the English Civil War and Oliver Cromwell. I'm having a Woodpecker Cider. John Floyd came a while ago too. It is 23:00, so the bar is having its last round. I'm going home soon.


Madison, WI

I've now experienced over a week of trailer life, and I've got to admit, it is amazing. I've lost fifteen pounds, really gained muscle weight, my hair is coming back, cured diabetes and the plagues, and appealed Newton's law in a court thereof. There is so much more that a trailer can do for me, but that's not what I'm here to talk about. What can a trailer do for you? Well, you may be right, but...

I just got these pictures from a friend first to visit the Land Yacht at it's present dock: Lake Farm Park, a Dane County Park, five miles southeast of the state capital building in Madison. I'm having a great time, am safe, and trailer people are pretty quite as far as I can tell. Actually, there haven't been more that three other people at any campground I've been at so far. I guess I've hit the off-off season for campgrounds.

I'm continuing to work happily at the Wisconsin Union Theatre, but after the month of October, when the wind comes on like a viper and the snows of St. Nicholas are nigh, I believe I'll be heading for warmer temperatures. That's if the Airstream continues to be heaven on earth. I'll keep you posted. Please do the same for me.

Stay tuned for pictures from my next Airstream stop, Decorah, IA, and Twin Springs Park, for Luther College Homecoming 2002. I bet you can't wait.


Rachel had a radio interview this morning, so I got going a little earlier to lead her down my new way to Decorah via Lilac Drive /aka 380. She ran out of gas after I left her, just a few hundred yards from a gas station, since she'd forgotten to stop for it after her interview. I'm going to start carrying a new gas can in every car, just in case this ever happens and one has to walk to a station that doesn't have any gas cans available.