198.June 17

Munster, Germany

I woke before 09:00 and took a shower. Then we slept for a while longer, and had breakfast. We met Alexandria and another Sandra, who had been to both Israel and India, and ate bratwurst at a bad fast food restaurant. Then Sandra split, and Alexandria, John and I went to a history museum. Then we walked back and John showed me some travel photo's.

We went to meet Sarma to watch Caesar and Cleopatra, a G. Bernard Shaw movie. It was fun and well done. We went out for pizza in a tastefully decorated restaurant. I had a Wiezen bier too. Now, my scab had come off and I think I still have a stitch in. I don't know what to do. We watched some more Beevis and Butthead. I see now that I have two stitches remaining, great.


I had scheduled the times or each scene for the rehearsal, and it made everything flow pretty seemlessly. We got a lot done, and let people go when we were done with them, and we could just follow a clock and check off the scenes we wanted to get done. At the end, Rachel choreographed a scene, and I added insights from where I was sitting in the audience, and the actors seemed excited about what they were doing and the potential of the song. It was quite fun.

We stopped at Abe and Laura's to share a bottle of our most expensive Storybook Mt. Zinfandel 2006, but there was a storm approaching quickly, and they were getting ready to head into the basement. Rachel and I went home and had a bottle of weizen in the backyard while we listed to the pool drain and watch the sky brighten with lightning. The storm hit before we went to bed, and I closed most of the windows to prevent the rain from getting in.



June 16 – 17, 2023

Zander Kaaes gate 8, 5015 Bergen, Norway

Fana Church, Bergen 6pm Concert

Saturday, June 17, 20234:45 – 7:45pm

Meal following (1730) Stend VGS (Videregående skole)