324.February 11

Nottingham, UK

I had a morning feed-back meeting with my Middle English professor Turville-Petre. I met at John's house, my dramaturg and co-conspirator for Lysistrata at 14:00. I got C's in both University Classes, exactly what I wanted. They transfer as higher grades at Luther. I did my cleaning chores when I got home. I watched Cyrano de Bergerac before retiring.


Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 00:03:15 -0600

Subject: If an Airstream isn't safe, what is...or they have won?

I have been convinced, to greater and lesser degree, that because of current political conditions worldwide and going orange as a nation, that I should not travel in my airstream to unknown places (to me), that rather I should seek refuge in my family and with close to the fold friends. My plan is not to go again to the Southwest, at least until a new mood of change hits me and or the country at large.  Therefore, I will stay in Decorah, I have a job at a company doing computer support and later web design.  I am starting part time, and hopefully sticking to that plan.  I will try to grow in this field, as computers are my favorite hobby the last few years, though I hate to admit it. 

I know this will be disappointing to all of you who would love to live vicariously through an adventurous friend because all of your lives are so seemingly empty and void (redundancy was not avoided here), but hey, I admit my life is far more so than yours, so cheer up.

However, I did just have a lovely camping trip through Arizona, spanning 800 miles, five or six national forests, the Grand Canyon, and a lot of Tang over a campfire.  How can I complain.  Here is a picture to keep your faith in my exciting life. I'll be in Decorah in the summer, still doing the Airstream thing, but close to my wonderful nieces and nephew, whom I can't get enough of.

Sickening, but they are a lot like me, so who wouldn't want to spend time with them. PS  I might just hate this computer thing and change my mind, but give me a few weeks to decide. Oh, I'm getting lasik done on my eyes so I don't have to wear glasses anymore. it happens next week, Tuesday, 2pm, pray for me or wish me luck, whichever your morality allows 


Rachel and I hung lights at the opera house late into the evening for our engagement party; big spots of red, pink and blue all over for people to mingle in. We removed our Christmas tree from the house, and it still smelled fresh and wonderful, though it was very brittle and we'll be cleaning it up for the rest of the year. I can't wait to do a big bonfire in my yard and melt all the snow.


At 3pm Jen and I hung lights for Scott in the YOOH building for "A Perfect Arrangement". Then we had a rehearsal of the entire show for the first time.