171.July 14

New York, NY

Sunday-I woke up early to write We have air conditioning right near me. L, John, and I are trading off beds. John slept on the floor night 1, Lars night 2, and I will sleep on the floor tonight. Then we will go home.

Here is what we have done in New York City so far: Lars and I arrived at the hotel room at 5:15 PM. We took wonderful showers (I love the shower in this hotel) and got dressed. Jill, Linda and John came at 6:30 PM. I couldn't believe how nice it was to see John. Seeing someone with the same background as me feels good after hanging around with many foreigners (and Lars).

We left the hotel and took the subway to 80th street, and walked to the Met. It was getting late, so Jill gave us a rush tour. I saw quite a few Monet's. And some Van Gogh. One thing I liked were the English period rooms. There was also an arms exhibit, and the armor of civilizations was displayed. Some of the gold inlays were spectacular. There were collections of ancient art from Greece, Rome, Africa, Egypt, and China.

When the Met closed, we walked to the subway again and went to Times Square. It is full of lights at night, and if you find commercials attractive, this would be nice. I don't. I don't really like street venders who sell cheap things that no one in their right mind (excepting high school kids on a senior class trip) would buy. And lots of people were selling things to be used with illegal drugs. Yesterday, people offered us cocaine (three different times). We walked on to the Empire State Building. We elevatored up to the 89th floor and went to the observation deck. It was crowded, but was a spectacular view. I took some pretty iffy pictures with long opened shutter times. Lars and I walked back to the hotel building and the others went out to a bar. I wanted to sleep. Lars and I got back and did just that. Jill and others woke up when they came back, but I went fast to sleep. I had a bad dream.

The next morning I woke up and got ready. Jill and Linda had gone for breakfast early and did not wake us. We met some friends of Jill's at Leslie's apartment. Richard came with a friend from St. Charles, Minnesota in a cab. I rode with Richard in a cab to the dock. We all took a circle tour boat ride around Manhattan. It was $16 each, but was worth it if you want to see the island from a good perspective. It was fun and I got to see the statue of Liberty and Ellis Island where my relatives came over to the U. S. from Norway.

It was a three hour boat ride. We lost the extra lawyers and were going back to the hotel. Leslie and Dick were having a roof BBQ, supposedly for us and had to get ready. Lars and I walked to Rockefeller Center (while the others took a cab) where we met them after looking for a long time.

Sunday---We toured museums: the Guggenheim and the Frick. Then we took a carriage ride through Central Park. After a few more things I came back here with Lars and John. They stayed until Jill called, and went to a tavern. I stayed in the hotel, I could not handle being out.

I will be flying home today. I will be leaving Lars today very soon. I will be leaving for my home from Minneapolis on a bus on Tuesday morning.