358.January 08

Now I am 4' 9" and 100 lbs. Chris went back to Luther College at noon.


After dinner Rhonda, John and I played poker.


Haifa, Israel

After another fruit heavy breakfast at the Jordan River Hotel in Tiberias at 7:30, Becca, Mellisa and I walked to the supermaket for lunch tomorrow, which is Shabbat, so everything will be closed. We then started to look for a bakery along the street. I bought two croissants with some kind of chocolate or hazelnut spread (7 shekels) like Nutella (12 shekels). At 9:00, we left for Haifa. We arrived at 10:00, but the Dagon grain museum didn't open for half and hour, so we got to wander around the area.

After the grain tour, we hiked downtown, and then up to the Bahai Temple. We were not allowed into the massive golden dome structure, but we were allowed around the gardens.

In Haifa, we walked up to the Temple of Bahai. This was an amazing journey. The streets in this area of town did not line up at all, and we ended up winding back and forth and up steps and alleys. The areas we went through were very strange to me. Each house in the upper area of the city had iron gates and fences. But this area did not seem like anything needed to be locked out. The olive trees along the path were old yet untouched and beautiful in this upper area nearing the temple. This made me think that the houses did not lock people out, but locked those inside in. In The Source, I understood that non-Jews had the ability to become Jews fairly easily. But once you were a Jew, you could never escape.John F. and I headed back down the hill in the rain, the others had lost us before we reached the temple. The rain was severe. We stopped in a small falafel place to sit out the rain. Four other Luther students saw us inside and came over, not there there really was an inside to this open front deli stand. We walked back to the bus at 13:00, which was right near the beach. The winds were powerful and the Mediterranean was raw and white. When it began to rain, we boarded the bus and headed back to Tiberius. I took a shower to wash the salt wind off myself. We had a 17:00 class meeting, and dinner at 19:00. At 22:00, Becca and I went to Big Ben, a local english pub that was to become our favorite haunt each night after class.


London, UK

In London still, went to the Courtauld Gallery, the Sommerset House, where I saw a large collection of Peter Paul Rubens, a few by Van Gogh, Seraut, Pisarro, and many more. It was a great gallery, but small enough not to be threatening. I got tickets to A Christmas Carol starring Patrick Stewart, the Captain in Star Trek, The Next Generation. It was fabulous, enchanting. This was the last day. I saw the matinee for 17.50 pounds. It was playing here for a limited time. It is usually on Broadway. I gathered my things at the hostel, and took the inter-city train back to Nottingham at 18:15, and arrived at 19:55. Jana and Karl had made homemade pizza. I started developing film in the living room, and watched TV. It is comforting to be home for the time being.


Hibbing, MN

Today was my first day performing for Climb Theatre. We were at Lake Elmo School. It was Elementary performances of Ouch and Owie. Owie was the first show of my professional acting carreer. That's weird to say. I feel really good though now. We are on our way to Hibbing. We are now reading evaluations. Everything under our control was good. I even got my picture taken for their yearbook with two students and one of them was interested in talking to me about acting.

Another child asked me how old I was, and hearing I was 23 said "So, you're not a kid at all." I had a great time with the children. And the teachers were good to me as well. It is "loud music time" in the van. Good loud music. I'm in the mood for a long ride. Perhaps I should sleep, but then I might not be able to tonight. I need sleep, because last night I slept a mere hour or so.


This morning the snow had been cleared by the rough winds, and we rose late because I'd assumed the roads would be treacherous. There was drifting, but not a lot of snow. I shoveled while Rachel got ready for school, and then we took off for Decorah at 10:30. I was completely absorbed in writing some sales history reports that run very fast and can be run anytime by anyone, and I got those completed by the end of th day when we did the final close of the year. I picked up Rachel and we went shopping at Red's Hometown Market for our weekend groceries. We made fresh enchiladas and watched a movie called "Righteous Kill" on Netflix. It was suspensful and very entertaining. I have had to type up more than I wished tonight, so I am now ready for bed.