084.October 9

Nottingham, UK

The weather is enjoyable. It is now almost noon. I woke late, as did everyone. I've been in my room all morning. I ate some of the coffee cake and a banana muffin that An made last night and this morning. She is very sweet. I've listened to the Cure as I cleaned my room and wrote in this journal. I'll take a shower soon. Some of the others who missed it last night are watching "Peter's Friends" now. I think I will read and study today, but I'd like to go downtown or to the University for a party tonight. I think I'll leave my room soon though.

The majority of the group watched "The Crying Game" this afternoon. Today has been a major baking day for An, and some others made dinner and appetizers. After a great dinner, I cleaned everyone's dishes. Jana dried them to help me. I studied a lot today, more than anyone else. I've been in the house all day, excepting a trip to the off license down Aspley lane.

I played guitar a lot. Karl said it was nice to have me with a guitar now. It was a complement that I will remember. An gave me another happy note. I gave her one last night. She suggested following our teacher's orders in a bizarre way and studying Chaucer in the shower together.


Katie woke much earlier than we did, and made elaborate menus with all of the breakfast items she could provide for us. We ordered from her, and she delivered wonderful concoctions. I went to work for a few hours and Rachel went to the Decorah farmers market with Katie and Chris. I spent three hours at work updating servers and loading a new one to run Enterprise and four other servers on a Hyper-V platform. We returned to Spring Grove to water the lawn and get ready for tonights Homecoming and 15 year reunion with my Luther Class at the Elks Club. We mowed the front lawn together, and took a lovely nap on the couch with Foxtrot. We stopped at an auction at the fest building and had our neighbor put bids down on 3 items, 2 of which we won for very good prices, and both will be used in our "Blithe Spirit" set.

We met up with our class at 18:30 at the Elks Lodge and I was very happy too see how many had returned to Decorah. I'd love to list all of their names, but I fear I'd leave someone out, so that won't do. It was wonderful to see so many of those wonderful people again.