307.February 28

Willoughby on the Wolds, UK

I finally went to Willoughby and mapped out the good and bad houses of the village. The weather was overcast, but very pleasant, and so I made it into a leisurely stroll. The whole day was kind of like that.

At the Limelight bar, CJ and I met many people from the theatre, especially Rocky Horror Show, that we know. We both felt uncomfortable around them. We did before, but one would have thought that we would have gotten over it with time and friendship. No. Everyone would ask me "How are you" and "How is Lysistrata?" I responded negatively, I admit. We saw Of Mice and Men at the Nottingham Playhouse with Mike from "The Young Ones" as George.


Swansea, Wales

POSTCARD: I have arrived safely at a little Oceanside hostel in Swansea, notably the home of Dylan Thomas and the second city of Wales. But I have only been here 1 hour now. I just departed the train from Cardiff, where I drank 2 pints of Brains in different pubs before and after touring he castle and the Nat. Museum of Wales. I am in "Raj", and Indian restaurant next door to my hostel, having a great feast. first, the yogurt drinks, then many other dishes will come. I was in London this morning at Kate's. 3 days ago I was in West Wales, walking the coastline. I was in a desolate place, and had to walk 25 miles to get out of it. But now, I'm safe.

I am having a Pint of strongbow and a table in front of Sludgecraft (a band) at the Celtic Pride pub in Swansea, Wales.) Smoke eaten, my wool jacket seethes. and some of the best blues guitar I've heard in a year is smiling broad across the wood and celticprint room.

Sludgecraft is a 3 piece band (now broken up and reformed into the Ursine Princes), and they have a hot beat. Positioned right before the door, I edged passed them to enter. The singer whas a strat and he is about to Jimi Hendrix with it. His voice doesn't do much, but the guitar covers well.

The rhythm and tempo changes constantly, esp. with this difficult song. The solo work is max. Enough about my surroundings. And forget how I got here, straight up a hill after the hotel rest (5 minutes), the dinner at Raj of India. That was one fo the best dishes I've ever had. And immediately when I got there I asked for a yogurt drink. And though it wasn't on the menu, he had it made immediately. Hope you've written down "self indulgent thrash band". Well not in so many words, but possibly in a lot more. Very good description though. Except they are good, so I don't want to bring down the moment. Serves for only one pint though. Strongbow Cider is always good for a starter, especially after a meal. Cleans the pallet. Get's the mind going for a long vibrant evening.

The place has a few tasteful decorations. A pike, ax-headed, a leather shield, brass-riveted, and a brass breast plate. All along the upper right wall.


I read in church today, some Genesis and some Phillippeans, and really thought I did a knock up job of it. Rachel and I met her dad at Doc's for coffee, and then went to a sale at GiGi's, her last sale on main street, and bought some cool stuff and 5 pairs of pants that fit me perfectly. We installed some of the things we bought in our house, and then went to my sister's for Chili and to spend the evening writing thank-you notes for the engagement party gifts and to gather data for sending wedding invites. We had a lovely night, watching lots of cooking shows, and finally ended up staying over night there.


I installed a Windows Hyper-V 2012 Server today at work. It is the free version, and we already have enough licenses to transfer all of our physical servers to it and only run one server in the near future. I'll give it a try, though I think I'll only virtualize 2/3rds of our servers. Rehearsals for "NOISES OFF" are improving, but becoming tedious when we meet 4 times a week. 5 weeks left until the performance. The set has come a long way, but nothing has been erected over the first floor yet.