325.February 10

Willoughby on the Wolds, UK

I took a bus to Willoughby today and walked the town, taking pictures of all the buildings with the idea of making a map of their town and establishing it's expansion perimeter. This is for an urban planning class that is supposed to help us develop our perceptions of city sprawl and how big cities like Nottingham encroach on the lifestyle and community of smaller towns like Willoughby on the Wolds. I was on cook crew that night at the house, and we had an evening class from 19:30 to 21:30.


Auditions for the April 22-25 dinner theatre performances of the musical play, "Chorus of Disapproval" by Alan Ayckborn, will be at the New Minowa Theatre Building at 906 Mill Street in Decorah on February 7 at 3-7pm, Feb 8 at 5-9pm, or Feb 10 at 6-10pm. Please come prepared to sing a song, and read from the script. Music from "The Beggar's Opera" is performed through-out this musical, which follows the cast of a Welsh Amateur Light Opera Society from auditions to performance of this classic comic British opera. There are some non-singing roles. One character, "Mr. Ames," is required to be an accompanist during the show, and is therefore a paid role. There are 7 other roles for men, and 7 roles for women, all adults of various ages. Call director David Storlie if you have any questions. 


I drove a co-workers Toyota Camry home tonight, reminding me of the rental that we had in San Francisco. Exactly the same car, and I like those very much. I tried to clean the house, be it resulted in cleaning only my computer and tv room while I watched the 3 part television show Spartacus, which was pretty much the same as "the Gladiator", except mixed with "300" blood splattering effects and lots of Mature elements. My right arm continues to ache and not extend entirely after overdoing weightlifting at the fitness center three nights ago.


I rode with Sara to Brownsville for pizza, where Rachel, Tyler and Bethany met us at Saxon Hall. We played Win, Lose or Draw for a few hours before the pizza came out of the oven. Then we went to Top of the Rock bar together. It was a lovely night after a long week of work.


I spent the day rebuilding Active Directory groups, and am very happy with the results. I joined Jen at the distillery to work on lines before rehearsal tonight for "A Perfect Arrangement". The rehearsal was our best progress yet on momentum and character. One week and a day before our first performance. Rachel sang and played with Stella today at the St. Maine in Lanesboro.