193.June 22

Munster, Germany

I went to someone's flat at 14:00, for laundry duty, then went to a vegetarian restaurant in the Rosenstrasse. We ate outdoors and it was very windy. We stopped to pick up the laundry before we went home again. We did some shopping. We ate the bread we bought. Steffi called and we decided to meet at 20:30, instead of going to the Andrew Strong concert at Yofuls.

I biked to the Schloss by myself and listened to Latvian singers with Sarma. Then alone again to Rosenstrasse where I met Steffi. We walked to a pub with candles on each wooden table. We talked about families, travel, friends and so much. Ute, her sister, met us there too, but was studying with a friend most of the time. When I got home, John and his friend Thorston were making pasta, and we talked very late. Thorston, who is studying to be a doctor, persuaded John to let me get my stitches taken out at a hospital instead of the living room sofa.


I went to rehearsal for a short time to move the platforms out of the way for the choreographic rehearsal. I watched some and made some comments, but then went home to make the deposit for the opera house and write some checks. I had started cleaning by the time Rachel got home, and we stayed up to midnight cleaning downstairs. We had a lovely thunderstorm all night.