224.May 22

London, UK

We went to Speaker's corner, then Covent Garden for jacket potatoes, then London Transport Museum and Punch and Judy Tavern. I left Jill there in London and took the train home. I worked on my essay for Paideia, except while I was at the Wheatsheaf for half price drinks because tonight they closed for five weeks. They gave us free bar stuff. Becky Fish came tonight after a year in Norway. We played darts. Then back to my paper.



SW of Hokah to SE of La Crescent


14 miles (23 km)


Significant damage to residences, barns, and farm outbuildings occurred at the beginning of the path. Numerous 100-foot tall and 3-foot diameter trees were either uprooted or snapped off as well. Minor roof damage and extensive tree damage occurred as the tornado clipped the south side of Hokah.[15]For some reason we really didn't notice this storm in Spring Grove, though I think that is because it was the big day of hurricanes for Joplin, MO as well, and we were overshadowed.


Took the bus to St. Paul's Cathedral tour, dropped us right beside St. Paul's, and ended with a tour of the Crypt's with Malcolm's mother. Rachel and I walked to the Globe theatre, where stopping by the Anchor Bankside for a pint, but didn't get food there. I led Rachel off toward the George pub, which is one of very few remaining gallery coach inns left in England, and is the oldest. We stopped at Neil's Yard Dairy to purchase Cheese, which is located in Borrough Market.

We found the George, drank pints, ate fish and chips upstairs, Rachel had a lot of squid and stuff like that. It was a solitary and wonderful experience. We had espresso back at Burrough Market's Rabot Estate Roaster.

At the Globe theatre, we saw a production of Love's Labour's Lost in English Sign Language.

We went to the National Theatre, where we were allowed to join a tour of the backstage areas and all around the theatre. We got tickets for "Moon over a Rainbow Shawl", which we saw later that evening, after a gin and tonic in the theatre. The performance and set were perfectly placed in the smaller black box space we'd seen on the tour.

We stopped at Doggett's pub on the south bank for a pint, which wasn't quite on the way back to Kate's, then took the tube from St. Paul's after walking to Embankment and finding no tube service.


I was in a meeting all day at work. I met Jill and Roar at Norskis for happy hour with beer and pizza, then joined Rachel at the cinema for Oblivion, a Tom Cruise movie we both loved. Back at home, we did the washing up of last night's dishes, and went to bed.