344.January 22

Tiberias, Israel

I walked around Tiberias for quite a bit today, as it was a day off from all other activities. I tried to talk to the woman in Sesame when I went to eat by myself there, but it was hard to communicate because we had seemingly nothing in common. Also, finding something to talk about was hard, because they told me about places I had not heard of and couldn't spell. People look at me as a tourist. I think, however, tourists are just as much a part of this community as those who live here. Tourists make up a large part of the population in this city. I would hate to be a child growing up where people (tourists) looked at you as an object of interest to gawk at. I would like the attention now at this point in my life, but it would be hard as a child to understand why people came to your country and took pictures of your house.


London, UK

We woke at noon in Jim's room of the Imperial Hotel, just before An and Jana arrived. We took the tube to St. Paul's and ate at a cafeteria style cafe. Then we stopped at Tower Records and I bought Jim Reeves and Small Faces. We met up again at Oxford Circus. Jim, Pete, and I returned to their hotel from there and ate together at McDonald's. On our way, we were stopping at bookstores. We all got together later for pizza, and then we caught the train back to Nottingham. When there, I worked on my paper for Rhetoric, already way behind schedule.


We came home from Decorah a bit early so Rachel could teach voice lessons to the neighbors, and then we went to Spring Grove Cinema for "Avatar," which we both decided was one of the best movies of all time. We are both catching up on our computers now, and I played some online PS3 games with my brother in Decorah.