Magic Nest

Your eyes meet the moonshine

wide and open as sunrise

with a wink as short as dusk.

When they happen upon mine

I really can't tell lies

they see clean through my husk.


Stars settle into the hills

after dipping through the night

and deep into the wine.

With little between our wills,

celestial bodies passing from sight

discover your hands in mine.


Last night we cast our shades

into pitch over the skies

to light another day.

Your eyes were moonshine

your hair was darkest night

and your skin was milky way.


The sound of coming waves

wakes us on love's warm sands

with your head upon my chest.

Blindly feeling where we laid

our garments over grass's tiny wands

making our magic nest.


Guilded by the dews embrace

we skim through shades of shame

emerging face to face:

If those burn that get too close,

attracted to the blue of the flame,

will we wish a lower dose?


Briskly seeking where we lost

our clothing without trace,

but failing not, comets

blaze straight across

the heavens in a race

before interstellar waves.


We will return another night

before the dimming of our eyes

when the green aurora shows

how to lift our wishes

to a greater height

than even the first star knows.