072.October 21

Post date: Oct 21, 2010 5:27:01 PM

University of Nottingham

We didn't have classes, but we had our first get-together for Rocky Horror Show. We played name improvisation games to make us feel more comfortable with each other. That day was tremendously memorable, and I have used many of the theatre games and tongue twisters I learned that day over and over again rehearsing new shows. One game, Wizards and Dwarfs, was very fun. We did plenty of physical improvisation and did it during the day in a classroom, which was a great way to start rehearsals because it really felt like a class experience, so even more freeing because we weren't afraid of each other.The choreographer, Tanya, and the director, Kate, were inspiring as they lead us through games and fun activities.


It is "Back to the Future II" day, which seems to parallel the theme of my blog pretty well. I celebrated with a trip to Pizza Hut, whose "Rehydrated Pizza" was part of the second movie. That night, I had rehearsal for Foxfire, and put a steel roof onto the set after all others had gone home. It looked quite nice after I was done.