248.April 28

Nottingham, England

Workshop with Yoshi Onida. It was great. I saw Peter Brooke. I just made a call to Bob Larsen, and shared with him that I saw the infamous and protected Peter Brooke today, and went to a two hour workshop led by one of the four actors in his international group. Peter Brooke's group has been to more countries than any theatre group in the world. Yoshi, a Japanese actor trained in classical No theatre and more, led the workshop for ten students. He instructed us how to move, think and sound. He was incredible.


Monday, April 28, 2003 8:19 AM

I'm excited to get home to take my new bike on its longest ride ever, but it is getting later and later than my ride had promised to leave by and I don't know if it will be dark when I arrive at my intended location, Lanesboro, MN.

Since I was lacking enough daylight hours, I only traveled about 12 miles, I estimate. It was in a windy gravel river valley with some pretty assaulting hills and winds. Lots of cows, birds, and dust.


Rachel turned in her Senior Paper today, and so I got to proof read it this morning. She was so proud and got stickers and confetti at the registrar's office. After work I went to my parents house and mowed their lawn with a very old lawn tractor. Rachel met me at Jill's, where we had dinner, 3 gin and tonic's, and watched a 2 hour program on Chrome.


Rachel worked at the Ballard House and got a taste for some of the local history when a colorful local character dropped in and introduced her to ghost hunting and divining gold from earth. I had lunch with Abe at La Guadalupana restaurant in town, where I told him all about our recent trip to Arizona. After work, I had a drink with Jill at Your Place, and then picked up Mark for our drive home. We listened to PGWodehouse's book "Damsel in Distress". When I arrived home, Rachel had new baby potatoes, sauteed vegetables, and stuffed clams for our dinner. We watched "The Living Daylights", which is the best James Bond film ever made.


I baked a shepherds pie for dinner to use up hamburger and potatoes, and Frida got her hair done by Rachel to prepare for prom this weekend. It was only a test, but the result was stunningly beautiful. We watched a gangster movie called "The Family" after dinner.