161.July 24

Raining today, finally, after such a long drought.


I purchased the Kurzweil electric piano that Rachel used in Seussical for her birthday tomorrow. I also got her a copy of music for a show called "The Frogs" adapted by Nathan Lane. I'm really excited that we can direct it soon, if we like it. It looks amazing, and I hope she'll love it. We are wrapping up the last loose ends from the musical "Seussical" today, and I'm excited to have summer break starting, even though I'll be going to work during the daylight hours.


It was Thursday night, and we were leaving for Texas early Saturday morning, so our friends celebrated Rachel's birthday together along the river in Lansing, IA. We met at a bar on the river, and took our drinks to their outdoor bar called Bikini's below the main bar. Rachel took pictures and we enjoyed the lovely weather. Then we went to The Safe House, a wonderful pizza place in Lansing, where we recorded the birthday song to Rachel. Later, we stopped by another outdoor bar called the Tiki Hut, which was along the river, just below the Lansing bridge. It was a great night.