120.September 3

Harvard, Mass

I’m sitting in Pizzaria Uno with Stacy, who is in the bathroom. We are in Harvard, parked in a garage on Auburn Street. We are just now returning from Salem, Mass. We left Saturday morning after helping brother John with his microwave stand. We found a B&B first, the Carriage House, for $84 a night.


St. Louis Park, MN

To begin, I can use a spot of ink that is forcing a hole through my thick course paper. And now the flow seems to have taken and it easily scripts. I think that it was this pen that started me developing my penmanship. I guess the word goes with the act. The world should follow the words that describe it. Back to brown ink, it has been such a long time since I used this pen. I don’t think I took it to England with me. I had forgotten this journal came from Amanda. I got a call from her last night telling me to get my butt over to Tanya’s place because it was Beth’s birthday. Well, I never made it there but I met them outside of Linguini Bob’s (where Lisa works) to go to Old Chicago Downtown for a little birthday celebrating. Emily was there, and Mani, Tanya’s beau, Tanya, Beth, and I. I had one liter of New Castle Brown Ale, which was the first beer I tasted in England. Today is Sept 3. I quit my job yesterday, and now I am sitting home on my way to noon. It is a beautiful day. I’ll enjoy it.

My summer Mixed Blood theatre audition led nowhere, even though I got the best reaction I could have hoped for. I was very much expecting a call back after I returned from England. Counting on it, really. But they continued to hold auditions all the way into July. I had used Genet “The Maids” and used the space better than ever before. I sat on a couch and perhaps moved around too much. But I sure had fun. I felt so good.

(Written below notes for my interview at a computer design school.) These are my notes that I used to prepare for speaking to Roger of that computer design school. It seemed to be an exciting place. I wish I could have worked there, but he has not called me back yet either. What is it with me. I will meet with Valerie B. to discuss the St. Louis Park Drama Club, but how many hours can that end up being. Oh well. I love using this pen again. At least something I have from my old life gives me more pleasure now than it did before. I want to have brunch today.


Sedona, AZ

I hiked far too long today without enough water. The trail book I bought in REI said to go LEFT when I should have gone right. I did not, however, die. Now I'm cooling off with high speed internet. And still sweating more than one could believe. I think I will get ice cream and food before I leave town, and then head to a shower in Phoenix. I could have really done without the extra hour plus of my hike.


We spent the day at home, sometimes working on our house and furniture, mostly watching South Park all day long. We were discouraged by our lack of space in the house, and the great number of furniture items we are unsure of what to do with. We did get some major projects done by the end of the day, however. Our Bertazzoni Wall oven is now working and in place. We will now have to start working on our backsplash, which around the oven becomes purely decorative, but will also be above our granite counters. We have only one counter remaining to put in place before we do that. We were trying to design a bench made out of a piano that took us forever to take apart a few years ago, but we have very high hopes for it, and no place to put it when it is finished, so we tabled the idea for a while.