315.February 20

London, UK

Kew Gardens was fun. It was cold, but the sun came out in the afternoon. First, Becca and I walked to the Pagoda. The Queen's Cottage. Then the Temperate Room. I met others in Marine life and went to eat in the Orangery. Then we rushed off to the entry so we could walk to Chiswick and the Hogarth House. Then back on the Tube to Earl's Court after a long Thames walk and on the bus home. The sky is gorgeous tonight, homework, a movie and pizza maybe.


After last nights great part for Faust, I woke at 0900 and went to Deco after a conversation with my niece Katie. I had a service pack to install, and updated a bunch of other computers, mostly the ones still running Windows 2000 while I waited for the storage server to finish. Then I got take-out for Koreana, Decorah's sushi restaurant, and brought it to Rachel, who was making clothing for mermaids with Katie. I slept when we got home, while Rachel rehearsed with 3 young singers for an event tomorrow. I joined her at the YOOH building to continue cleaning up after our last event, and Jill came too. We all went to a movie with Harrison Ford at the Cinema.