103.September 20

Nottingham, England

It's cold and rainy. We spent the whole day in the house learning about Sarum and Art and Architecture and English History. That evening, we went out to the pubs again. I went for a walk around Hyson Green, and was approached by three turbaned youth who wanted me to buy them Benson and Hedges. "They won't sell them to me because I'm black, right?" one said to me. I said "no" and walked on. One said "bastard" or something as I walked away. I was stopped and asked directions by a driver. I got a thrill out of saying "I have no idea."

We ate and the Juggins came by to talk to us about living in Nottingham. I asked David Juggins about Irish Pubs and music. They gave me some hints. I'm excited to go to Irish pubs.


Andrew and Douglas came over after work to help us begin our move out of our old house. We fed them Lutheran Church Meatball supper on the center island and then handed all of our mattresses down from above to them waiting below out the open door. Dangerous but faster. We loaded all of those into the 57 Chevy 3600, then realized it wouldn't fit in the garage for the night, so we brought the load over to our new house, and parked it, to decide later where we can put that many mattresses. We played Steam video games on our computers in the dining room at our new house for the rest of the evening.