097.September 26

Durham, UK

It was partly cloudy and windy. I woke at 08:00. Durham was beautiful. After a great breakfast in the castle hall, we got a tour of the castle. John, Lisa, Christy, and I walked downtown to Market Center. We lost the women, so John and I went walking more along the river. We found them there, but we just went on, because they were trying to figure out why they hadn't been the greatest friends since first grade, when they met. We stopped at a pub and had Bass Ales. It was very good ale. Later, we toured the Cathedral with David Faldet. We loaded the bus and headed home.

I went out for a cider with An, and she left me a note in my SPO saying that she likes talking to me. That was nice of her. Since, I've written all evening. It is now 02:30. Lisa, Jana, and I are in the TV room. Jana played me a song tonight by David Wilcox. It was beautiful. I stayed up until 03:00 or 04:00 doing my laundry.

POSTCARD: I figure it is time to write. I've been to every pub in sight. I'm having a Newcastle Brown. Now in a pub called "Once Brewed". (days pass) Edinburgh was fabulous. I'm back at the flat. I'm doing laundry because tomorrow we will all move to the University of Nottingham for a week of orientation on campus. Last night we stayed at Durham Castle. The cathedral was beautiful. 900 years old. Everything has gone great. David F. has everything planned and timed well. Plus, free time on trips. We have two pubs across the street from our flat. I went to one tonight with one friend and had cider. Everyone is amazed at my knowledge of alcohol's now. I bought a bottle of Bunnahabhain and a Laphroaig for the year. I hope to drink them slowly. I am teaching people to savor their whisky. Hope you can visit sometime. Some of the most fun has been in the pubs. I sang "Take me home, Country Roads" in a karaokee pub. Even though I've sent no letters, I'm keeping an extensive journal.


Rachel and I were sick at home all day, and watched a few movies including "The Edge of Love" and "It Might Get Loud" about Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White. Rachel made a broccoli dish, and we relaxed all day and recovered from a horrible bout with the stomach flu.


Frida was cleaning the kitchen when I arrived home. Rachel was shirking duties and passing them on to our poor exchange daughter. Because of this perhaps, Frida chose a movie for us to watch tonight, called "The Intouchables". We loved it, and then Rachel and I watched "The Outlaw Josey Wales" again. We were going to make Frida watch part of it, but thought it could save until another day.


A morning where 46.5 degrees remained steady all the ride to Decorah, and the wind was unguided, not noticeably coming from any one place. Hurricanes all over the East Coast don't seem to be a problem here, though harsher winds are forecast soon. I didn't detect help from my hand grips, they usually seem so warm when I turn them on, and today, perhaps my gloves were too thick, or maybe there has been a short in the last week. The weekend in Mineral Point was quite marvelous, though I hate to say that my memories of the event are greater than the experience was at any one moment. I do believe that I will remember those moments from this trip in a blur with all the rest, making the entire memory much better in the individual memories that hardly exist anymore. Our American Players Theatre experiences were absolutely fantastic. "The Moors" was so perfect. "Love's Labors Lost" couldn't have been better. I think I'd rather go to their shows than continue trying to act.