228.May 18

Nottingham, UK

I wrote a silly poem to Pete on E-mail. It goes like this:

crazy lilted puppy

sitting on the sidewalk

barking like a shot-gun

panting puppy breaths

charon is the boatman

he never leaves the water

the boat that he must stand on

leads puppies to their deaths

we can live in houses

they can live in houses

we can drive cars

and they can't

we are making movies

they can talk in movies

we can pet them roughly

they can bite our hands

the gateman has a puppy

three heads and lots of claws

to guard the way to heaven

and push them into hell

puppies do their duties

puppies sit on sidewalks

barking like shot-guns

panting puppy breath

We had the Lysistrata Cast Meal and remembrance evening at Antibos Restaurant, the same place we went for the Rocky Horror meal, and I had about the same amount of fun. Very little, if I need to repeat myself. I argued with Adam the whole time, and did not get to talk to any of the people that I really wanted to talk to.


It's Rachel's last day of school, probably forever. (That was not at all true!) We had lunch at Oak's with her father while she finished a final project for Theatrical Design class.


Islington Borough, London

Breakfast with Kate at "The Breakfast Club" in Camden Passage in Islington, Rachel got her first real English breakfast with blood sausage

took local bus to Monument, which we couldn't find because of the building in the way, crossed London Bridge on foot heading towards the Borrough Market

entered Southwark Cathedral at the end of a special Thanksgiving service where thousands of people were just leaving all wearing some form of black

purchased cheeses and breads at Burrough Market

went to OLD OPERATING THEATRE and HERB GARRETT, David listens to a lecture on how it was used, and Rachel takes a plethora of pictures in the museum

Pints at the Shipwright's Arms

Tower Bridge Exhibition

we ate our bread and cheese while it began to sprinkle, seeing that the lines were outrageously long

Tower of London near closing time, we just saw the crown jewels after seeing everything but the white tower in the center

walked back to the Millennium bridge along the bank-side path, passing up a few well-dressed pubs, much to Rachel's chagrin

Toured the Tate Modern, but didn't go to any of the special exhibitions

walked across the Millennium bridge again, got some fried chestnuts, to St. Paul's, where we took the tube back to Kate's to make dinner

Kate wasn't home, so we made breakfast quiche in a crust, so more like a steak and ale pie, saving it for breakfast