333.February 2

Nottingham, UK

I had class at Nottingham/Trent U. I left early for auditions. Lysistrata auditions went quickly and very well. I was confident and I think most people were pleased with them.


Flagstaff, AZ

The weather is moving across the mountains furiously. Strong cold wind penetrated my tent last night, starting just past midnight, I assume, because it was lovely up until then. On the way into Flagstaff this morning, I even encountered tumble weed crossing 17 (89A) when I crested the mountain pass from Sedona to Flagstaff. Until I found this place, Mrs. Brown's Burger Bar, on 180 out of town to the Grand Canyon, I was ready to go away only mildly impressed with Flagstaff. Even just one breakfast restaurant that isn't a chain can reclaim my faith in society. I drove northwest on 180 to Grand Canyon Village. I stopped at a tourist place to get tickets on the way in, but decided it was too confusing and just made my way to the entrance gate and paid $20 to go in with a car. I think each person in the car would have to pay an additional $10. I walked the south rim of the canyon. It started to snow. Hail, almost. I stopped into a bar near the west point transfer for buses to go to Hermit's Rest. Didn't see they stopped there.

So after a Fat Tire and a White Russian, I walked further west toward Hermits Rest. I called Christina and Chris, talked about the canyon. I also called John to make him jealous. When I got to Powell Monument and Hopi Point, the wind was raging unbearably.It was even difficult not to get blown over the edge. Well, I did have to walk back to the bus exchange, get a ride to my car, and headed east along the Desert View road, stopping often to overlook as the sun started to lower on the horizon, which was the Grand Canyon Cliffs. (I'm being served by Janice today, poured into her slim jeans.) The sun finally did go down, and I watched it with Russian tourists, freezing their fingers off just as I was. I took multiple rolls of film on the way out. One was of a coyote just after I left the sunset. I took ten shots of him at least.

As the night encroached I followed the road along the Little Colorado Canyon, after the Grand Canyon and the Colorado turned to the north. All the roadside signs indicating scenic views were actually just Indian retail sales markets in huts, and they didn't look like they would give a better view than just by driving on. It was all desert at that point. I pulled into Flagstaff at 19:30 and got a room at a $25 motel called the Motel Pueblo along the tracks, right where every train passing has to blow its horn to alert the town. It meant waking up every hour at least. I took a shower, a very good shower after 3 days without, and went to eat at the Crown Railroad Cafe, where I wrote all this the next morning. I walked, so I was able to have two Coronas. That night, I couldn't sleep at all.


We watched the first episode of Season 7 of Lost tonight. We've been waiting for about a month to watch it, and it was wonderful and quite worth the wait. We are at Chris and Rhonda's house, they'll return home in an hour, but we are going to bed.