225.May 21

London, UK

I drove to London in the heavy morning rain with Sarah N, who dropped me off at Hammersmith. I met my sister at Sloane Square. We went to a pub called The Chelsea Potter for a few pints. We walked back to their hotel, then out to The Filly and Ferkin, a World's End Brewery pub. We went to an Anglo-Indian restaurant called Maria Curry's. We went to bed early, me on the sofa in a 200 pound suite that she was getting for free for the whole week. After a beautiful curried lamb and a missed train, I had no hope of making Chatsworth in time. There were no early morning trains on Sunday that could take me to Nottingham before the Luther students left.


Windsor Castle, UK  

Kate went off to Basingstoke for work, and Rachel and I took a train to Windsor

We ate lunch at the Carpenter's Arms, where we split fish and chips and a steak pie

We came back through London Paddington, and from there we took a tube to Piccadilly Circus

We purchased some fruits and had a picnic in St. James Park on our way to Buckingham Palace

There were constructing huge seating areas around Buckingham Palace, so we headed up to Green Park to finish our fruit

We walked past The Ritz and Fordum and Masons, along Bond Street with all the great tailors

We went through the West End theatre district, to Leicester Square, a quick look into the portrait gallery and Trafalgar Square

We walked along Whitehall street to Westminster so we could see it in the night, stopping at Big Ben, and then along the north bank east to Cleopatra's Needle

We went to The Coal Hole, after finding it boarded up, a block from where it now stands, but started out a block away and moved to the current spot in 1910

Headed home via Charring Cross Tube Station


Christina and her fiance Andrew came to our new home for the first time. We hosted our first dinner party for them, Jill and Roar. We ate meatballs, carrots, gravy, potatoes, rommegrut and more things from the church meatball luncheon. We all had a fabulous time.